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Business Owners

Looking for benefits for your employees? We can help you find the ones that suit your (and their) needs. Empire Financial Advisors business products and services include:

  • 401(k) Retirement Plans
  • Defined-benefit Plans
  • Life and Disability Insurance for Employees and Partners
  • NYS 529 College Savings Plan (NYS tax deductible)

Retirement Plans

Not all retirement plans are created equally. That’s why we start with you, the business owner, and craft a plan that fits your business model. We have decades of experience auditing existing retirement plans to provide your business with better options or to create new retirement programs altogether. In addition, Empire Financial Advisors annually reviews your plan design to make sure it still meets your business needs.

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Our Process
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Insurance Plans

Empire Financial Advisors also offers life and disability insurance to help manage risk for your employees and business partners.

College Savings Plans

Empire Financial Advisors can set up your company with a group New York 529 Plan so you can strengthen your employee-benefit program with a NYS tax-deductible college savings opportunity.

If you’re a business owner looking to advance or adjust your corporate financial strategies, give us a call at 518-608-1117 and schedule a no-obligation assessment of your existing programs.